Looking forward to tomorrow’s sun

December 20, 2009

Did not see the sun for a long time, and these days always seems to light rain, the weather was wet and cold. Make people feel very depressed。
Blue sky

The warmth of the sun

Let us come to look forward to tomorrow’s sunshine bar!


“Old Beijing shoes” swept Europe and the United States

December 15, 2009

Shoes, we too familiar, especially the generations ago, almost everyone has a pair of shoes, mostly surface melanin, the same style. However, with the development of fashion, and now the shoes also made new breakthroughs and improvements in the traditional style based on adding a modern aesthetic and the return to nature’s demands, both in style or color on the fabrics are more in line with the modern aesthetic requirements. At first glance appears to be familiar, but consider carefully is an entirely new look. Although the selected materials are cloth, but the style and colors have been a revolutionary change.

Stubbs & Wootton’s shoes is absolutely in line with modern requirements, in particular, likes comfort, love the traditional elements of the people. Worthy of the title Viviene Westwood, from the original platform shoes to T-shirts filled with provocative words, to the pre-burst of “plastic shoes,” she can be some petty things, and put to great use, to create amazing work. Viviene Westwood recently fell in love with shoes, and designer Stubbs of Stubbs & Wootton introduced new shoes, and in New York opened a new shop

Shoes revolutionary changes in old Beijing

2010 couples beach equipment

December 15, 2009

Brand New Young CRZ recently in 2010 on the spring and summer fashion show, and a group of domestic cutting-edge designers to cross-border cooperation in 3G paragraphs 3G APIs, scene images are magnificent and extraordinary imagination to make the scene of the guests were refreshing; Modern Dance’s opening remarks; ingenious fashion deductive approach, bringing guests a new visual experience. The CRZ young sun energy, avant-garde, the concept of private objects to show the most vividly.

Saying good-bye yesterday to greet the New Year

December 8, 2009

Years rush the passage of time.
Some of the sky floating snow, and some light rain.
In each of the years we have taken the next left their mark.
But when we look back and do is to a new year.
Red let us see the joy,
Let us bid farewell to walk the red days.
The new year has come again.
We look forward to tomorrow whether to allow the red eyes Lang sky,
Red whether to allow us to change the status quo, to meet the beautiful tomorrow.
Let us open their minds and accept the Bar tomorrow the sun! ! !

The winter 2009 fashion darling

December 7, 2009

In this cold winter’s day, to say that appearance rate is highest, the most practical clothing must be of a variety of jackets and windbreakers. Boring and uninteresting, but heavy winter clothing, whether to allow the winter lost its luster? Remove thermal capabilities, the details of the ingenious design, large hot trend of the contours as well as innovative style has become a necessary criteria for selection of a coat. Unique and stylish design of a sense of warm coat, avoiding the embarrassment of Zhuangshan trouble with people, and you can shine in the howling winter

The winter 2009 fashion darling

How to blog novice writing on the clothing jeans

December 3, 2009

I am a novice just joined wordpress, how to blog writing on the clothing jeans then? I also knew nothing about this, but I believe that in this blog group is bound to be good-hearted people to guide me how to carry out the writing on the clothing jeans methods and techniques, regardless When did these good-hearted people will appear, but I firmly believe that through my Efforts and the help of many friends Bo, on the theme of my clothing jeans will definitely be on this blog forever.
Here, I first thank the kind-hearted people to help me! ! !

Hello world!

December 3, 2009

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