“Old Beijing shoes” swept Europe and the United States

Shoes, we too familiar, especially the generations ago, almost everyone has a pair of shoes, mostly surface melanin, the same style. However, with the development of fashion, and now the shoes also made new breakthroughs and improvements in the traditional style based on adding a modern aesthetic and the return to nature’s demands, both in style or color on the fabrics are more in line with the modern aesthetic requirements. At first glance appears to be familiar, but consider carefully is an entirely new look. Although the selected materials are cloth, but the style and colors have been a revolutionary change.

Stubbs & Wootton’s shoes is absolutely in line with modern requirements, in particular, likes comfort, love the traditional elements of the people. Worthy of the title Viviene Westwood, from the original platform shoes to T-shirts filled with provocative words, to the pre-burst of “plastic shoes,” she can be some petty things, and put to great use, to create amazing work. Viviene Westwood recently fell in love with shoes, and designer Stubbs of Stubbs & Wootton introduced new shoes, and in New York opened a new shop

Shoes revolutionary changes in old Beijing



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